I Love Failure is devoted to reducing fear of failure through unique events where speakers give short powerful talks about their failures and lessons learned. We believe that innovation starts with people who have the courage to take risks, fail and try again. We support a work environment where employees feel free to be creative, try new things, make mistakes and experiment.

Our most prized values are openness, honesty, authenticity, vulnerability.

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Whatever your brand challenge, I Love Failure partnerships has a solution.

Foster inovation

Foster a culture of experimentation and risk-taking within the company, which is often necessary for innovation and progress.

Attract top talent

I Love Failure gives companies the opportunity to showcase their own successes and failures, and how they have learned from them. This can help to establish the company as a thought leader in their industry and attract top talent who are drawn to companies that value learning and growth.

Attract best partners

I Love Failure partnership brings a positive branding opportunity and showcase commitment to growth and continuous improvement.

Reach Gen Z audience

Capture that elusive Gen Z audience ****with ILF’s presence on social. I Love Failure amazing stories reach millions of video views on TikTok, LinkedIN, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram.

Flex at events

Thousands of people join I Love Failure events and conference. What we know is that 75% of attendees feel more connected to brands after an in-person experience.