At I Love Failure, we passionately honor those in the arena—the ones who dared everything and triumphed over overwhelming challenges. In the grandeur of prestigious locations like the opera houses, we provide a stage for them to pour out their hearts, ensuring their stories bask in the spotlight they so profoundly deserve, touching hearts and inspiring the entire world.

I Love Failure is an initiative started in Romania in 2018 devoted to reducing fear of failure in the world through unique events where speakers give short powerful talks about their failures and lessons learned. You’ll discover here the best inspirational stories in the world and global community where people feel safe and supported, knowing they are not alone.


Reduce fear of failure


Best inspirational stories in the world and global community

Authenticity manifesto

  • Own your story or your story will own you
  • Responsibility is all about the future and taking action
  • Blame is all about the past and wasting time
  • Pain of regret is higher than the pain of failure
  • Focus on what’s within your control and accept the rest
  • Learn from others mistakes
  • Stay true to yourself
  • Stay curious
  • Keep trying


Cătălin Meșter


Mester is a serial entrepreneur, community builder, and business mentor with over 20 years of experience. Among his greatest achievements, he co-founded and created from scratch Voxa, the main Romanian platform for streaming e-books, valued at 7.5 million euros.

Octavia Tudorache

Head of Failure

Octavia’s professional journey has been fueled by her passion for education and a commitment to fostering a global mindset. Octavia is driven to redefine failure as a catalyst for growth and resilience, leveraging education to build bridges across communities and foster a fearless society.

Ioana Păduraru

Social Media Manager & Video editor

Ioana is a visionary videographer with an innate passion for storytelling through the lens of a camera & video editing. Her journey into videography began at a young age when she discovered her fascination for capturing moments that spoke volumes without uttering a single word.

Cătălin Lungulescu

Graphic Designer

Dedicated and creative, Cătălin brings extensive experience in the graphic design field, including significant time in Senior Graphic Design roles. Recognized for his proficiency and delivering exceptional quality, as well as his capability to balance high-quality work with tight deadlines.

Own your story or your story will own you.