Otrava is a professional journalist and a blogger for many years. Passionate about theater, he grew up in the Bucharest Comedy Theater where his father was an actor for 40 years. With an Instagram account full of cool places around the world, a Facebook with all kinds of recommendations, Otrava has been nominated several times at Webstock. 

In the past he worked in Pro TV in the sports editorial office because his second great passion is sports. He has an impressive collection of sports items that includes sport belongings of Maradona, Messi, Ronaldo, Simona Halep, Cristina Neagu or Ana Maria Branza. He produced the Cronicari Digitali podcast – for 3 seasons – about 100 episodes and from 2022 he produces the Urban Flex podcast on Radio Zu. 

Otrava is the father of a little girl and has been married to Diana Enciu since 2013. He is passionate about travel, he writes on his blog about the places he has been to. There you can also find recommendations for movies, plays, restaurants, concerts or music festivals to go to. From 2021, he plays music at festivals with Andreea Esca. In this formula, they played at Untold and Massif. He has a column called Going out in A list magazines, where in every edition, he presents the cool places in the city.