Katerina Todorovski

Head of Brand Marketing at BCR

With over 18 years of experience in Marketing, Communication, and Brand Strategy both on the agency side and from the client’s position, Katerina has worked on various brands and industries such as telecommunications, FMCG, and Banking. 

Following 5 years spent in the telco industry, where she coordinated integrated communication campaigns for the most awarded brand in the market – Telekom, she decided to move and work in the banking sector. 

In January 2020, she joined BCR, where she enjoys her work building strong brands like BCR, known as a decisive actor in financial education in Romania, and George, The First Intelligent Banking, the top digital banking platform in terms of awareness.

Katerina possesses a deep understanding of consumer behavior, market trends, and effective communication strategies. She loves crafting compelling brand narratives, managing cross-functional teams, and driving innovative marketing campaigns.

Katerina was born and raised in Skopje, North Macedonia. In 2000, she decided to come to Romania for studies on a scholarship. After 2 years of stay, she fell in love with the country and its people. So, she decided to stay in Bucharest, where she lives now, alongside her family. She is the mom of a wonderful 12-year-old boy named Matei.

Her Motto: You Can’t Been Seen Until You Learn to See” – Seth Godin

“After 24 years living in Romania and working in Marcomm for global brands, I have learned that there are always multiple sides to the same situations and that by looking at it from different angles, unexpected connections and wonderful solutions can emerge.” – Katerina