Dragos Stanca

Dragos Stanca is a Romanian entrepreneur focused on ethical media, digital transformation, and web3. 

He founded in 2012 a well-known digital transformation festival called iCEE.fest (Interactive Central and Eastern Europe Festival), which pivoted in 2020 to a hybrid media company called Upgrade 100 (that produces various events and media formats focused on tech disruption and digital transformation). 

He is also the main shareholder of Thinkdigital, a for-profit digital media network launched in 2007, and initiated in 2023 the non-profit initiative called Ethical Media Alliance, aiming to support journalistic startups and independent media outlets. 

As the elected president of BRAT, the Romanian Bureau for Transmedia Audit, he leads since 2018 the main organization that audits digital media, print and OOH.

Stanca’s early career in the ’90s as a journalist influenced his passion for ethical media. Between 2000 and 2010, he managed digital, radio, TV, and print media for two major Romanian press groups and launched various projects including websites, magazines, and newspapers. 

Stanca is active in the public sphere, discussing tech disruption and media ethics, and hosts a radio show and a podcast. He is also an angel investor in tech startups and part of a VC fund called Underline Ventures.