Nicu Alifantis

Nicu Alifantis is a Romanian musician, performer, instrumentalist, editor, producer, poet and composer of folk music and theater music. 

Nicu has had over 5960 concerts in Romania and abroad, since 1973, held in various formats. Also, he sang at the opening of Bob Dylan’s concert in Bucharest in 2010, he performed with other great musical personalities such as Donovan, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Platters, Angelo Branduardi, Toto Cutugno, Kylie Minogue, Dionne Warwick , Ricky Martin, Simple Minds, Misia, Pataky Attila, Saragossa Band. In total, he supported 15 big tournaments in the country and 47 abroad.

He received 33 national and international awards. Since 1986 he has been nominated for International Youth In Achievements, and since 1992 he has been listed as a producer in the Euro-Pop-Book. In 2004, he was decorated for his artistic activity with the Cultural Merit in the rank of Knight cat. B  and the Honorary Citizen of Braila Municipality.