Andra Pintican

Founder of Scoala de HR

Andra’s journey as a Thought Leader began three years ago when she recognised that working solely within an organisation can only yield limited changes. Her mission is to help Romanians redefine their relationship with work and assist organisations in building human-centered environments. As a passionate People Advocate, Andra addresses pressing issues in Romania’s labor market, including discriminatory recruitment practices, toxic work cultures, emerging job roles, and the need for updated work standards. 

Her content revolves around fostering effective change and cultivating a collective growth mindset. Andra aims to empower individuals by encouraging them to take action and become agents of change within their organisations and communities. She emphasises that in order to demand change, one must first embody the change they wish to see around them. 

Annually, Andra organises conferences, mentorship programs for youth, career counseling centers for disadvantaged communities, and produces documentaries on meaningful work, among other impactful projects that drive and support positive change. 

By aligning with Andra as a brand representative, companies can benefit from various advantages, including enhanced brand positioning and awareness. Andra’s influential voice and advocacy for human-centered practices can positively impact a brand’s reputation and perception. Additionally, her involvement in corporate social responsibility initiatives demonstrates a commitment to societal improvement, further strengthening the brand’s image and connection with their audience.